Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We have settled in nicely at the new house.  I've been busy making curtains which is a job I usually despise but now I am enjoying it.  Like really enjoying it.  Go figure!  I can't find the pictures right now-- they must be still on Brent's phone.  But I have the family room, Archie's room and Margot's room done.  I reused curtains for the playroom and my bedroom so they just needed hemmed.  And I am working on my sewing room curtains that used to hang in the dining room.  I am lining them since my sewing room does not have heat or air conditioning!

The school year is over and looking back it's been quite a year.  We welcomed Archie into our family and he has been such an enormous blessing and joy.  But I also struggled with terrible anxiety and insomnia two symptoms so common in Post Partum Depression.  Which by the way, I think is a horrible name for the condition.  Most women I know who have suffered PPD do not experience classic depression symptoms so it's very confusing.  The vast majority of women experienced it just like I did.  Overwhelming anxiety and insomnia.  Not fun!  But I am currently weaning off my medicine and I am excited to be off of it completely and put this all behind me.  Nobody likes taking medicine but I recognize I needed it then but now I feel so much better.  Unfortunately coming off anti depressants is an annoying process in itself one which you must wean yourself from the medicine slowly.  It takes patience but it is so important to do it right.  So far so good.  I don't have a time frame when I want to be completely off of it. I am just really trusting I will know when to dose down again.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of months.

Moving day!  Look at Margot's face!  It took two trucks and all day for the movers to move us.  We had wonderful movers.  Other highlights of the day:  We almost caught a pizza box on fire on moving day but the movers are the one prevented a full on fire.  Yikes!   It also ended up raining complete with thunder and lighting.  They had to bring the piano around the house which means down a wet, muddy, grassy hill into the basement that way.   And I was so thankful we payed people to move us this time!  Too old for that!

Archie enjoying a bath in the kitchen sink.  

The kids waiting for the bus at the top of our driveway.

Moving so far from the city means we need another car. So after closing on the house on Friday, on Monday we bought a minivan!  Haha something I thought we'd never do!

My beautiful kitchen.  I can look out in the trees and watch the birds.  This is one of my new favorite activities.  I feed the birds like they are my babies. 

Sweet boy finally has his own room.  

We are slowly decorating the house and making it our own.  We got some new furniture!

Enjoying the deck- playing and eating outside

It's so gorgeous here. 

Brent's had a bit of adjustment with a much longer commute.  By car now, not by bike!

I am spending so much of my time gardening.  I think in this picture I had just finished working in the yard.  With nearly an acre, I have a lot of work.  But it's work that I LOVE.  I always wanted to live on a farm... 
I love being outside and working hard.  I am expanding garden beds, removing shrubs, pruning bushes, planting flowers and dreaming of watching these gardens grow.  We have begun to clean out the woods behind the house.  That is going to be a huge job but one that I am excited about.  I am so drawn to the woods.  It's so beautiful and peaceful there.  But right now it's a mess.  The previous owner dumped his wood working scraps back there.  There are some dead trees and some rather large dead limbs on other trees.  And some brush growing.  I'd like to just clear it out a bit.  Make a path and line it with some of the gorgeous stone that is here that I keep finding as I did. I'd like to encourage some ferns to grow in the woods too.  I love ferns so much.   

Archer loves it here too.  He loves to be outside.  He is my boy!

Shadow loves it here.  She gets so much exercise!  I want another dog.  Don't tell Brent!


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful new space with us! I'm so happy that you are all settling in, and that you are feeling so much better!

  2. So many exciting changes. Glad you are finding a new rhythm and enjoying the changes. Have fun!

  3. I am glad you are settled Sarah, much love to you.
    xx N