Wednesday, July 2, 2014

For the Little Prince

The gown is finished!  Well not completely, it still needs buttons.  I am going to wait until closer to his baptism.  I have a fear he is either going to be bigger or smaller than I am expecting so I want to wait to do the buttons in case I need to make adjustments.  

It's very hard photographing a baptismal gown that is white and 36 inches long!  So here are the best photos.  This one lets you see the entire gown with all the details.  

I am in the process of making a slip to be worn underneath.  You can see how lightweight the fabric is.  Also I need to hand wash, starch, line dry, and iron this before the big day.  Again, that can wait!  

Close up of the collar.  I really enjoyed doing all the handwork on this.  

(The collar looks a bit wonky in this picture but I assure you it's not in real life.  The back of the gown is just pinned closed with one pin so I think that is why it looks that way.)

Close up of the sleeve.  Lace insertion and two tucks,  edged with entredeux and more lace.  

And the hemline.  Edged with entredeux and lace.  This lace on the bottom is the same pattern to the lace insertion in the sleeve.  Originally I tried to attach the lace by machine using a narrow zig zag.  The result was horrid.  I ripped it out very carefully and attahed the lace by hand. 

I am so happy my sister encouraged me to start the gown now!  There is no way I'd want to be doing this with a newborn.  I learned so much and truly enjoyed the process.  I am looking forward to making Margot's First Communion Dress using heirloom patterns and/or techniques.  


  1. Oh Sarah! The gown is precious!

  2. Unbelievably beautiful! What an heirloom!

  3. Oh, it's absolutely stunning! You must be so proud :)