Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Sewing

Thank you for all the kind comment on my last post.   Last week I was walking the kids home from the library and our amazing crossing gaurd stopped to cross us.  The intersection she works is a big, busy one.  It's the crossroads of the neighborhood.   Side note, this woman is to both be feared and admired.   If I am driving through that intersection I proceed with caution.  You don't want to do the wrong thing in "her" intersection and anger her.  Likewise, I have sat at the coffee shop at the corner and watched her work.  She has a kind word for every person she crosses (and a dog bone for the dogs) and that includes all the students both big and small, but also the homeless people, the old people,  and the regular adults like myself.  I am not going to lie, watching her work has brought tears to my eyes.  She's pretty amazing.  Anyhow, the point of my story.  As she was crossing us she asked me when I was due and I told her the end of July.  And do you know what she said?  She said, "oh that's going to come fast!".  See this woman rocks.  She knows people!

Anyhow, so I finished up all of my sewing I wanted to do for the girls for summer and I started on Gummy Bear's Christening Gown.

This is Margot in her new Class picnic outfit posing in front of her "library".  We put all of our children's books in one place, on this shelf.  Before, they were everywhere, the playroom, the family room, in Grace's bedroom and Margot's too.  Now they are in one place.  We pushed the ottoman over to that shelf and she can climb on to it and get any book she wants.  She visits the library often.  And I have been charged with expanding our Non Fiction section.  It's apparently lacking.  Anyhow, I made this in a 7 thinking I made her a 6 last year but I think I made her a 5.  This is a tad bit big.  But there is room to grow.  And since she grows like a weed she might get two years from this pattern.  

This is the Garden Party top and the Sunny Days shorts.  The top is made from a lawn and the shorts are made from leftover linen I had in my stash. 

I do love this pattern and it makes for a great summer top.   I think it would make nice pajamas too. 

This is so cute on.  I wish these pictures were better but I snapped them quickly.  Anyhow, the top is so light and airy perfect for hot summer days.  And the shorts are comfortable too.  They are so quick to sew up too and they don't use much fabric.  

This is a little halter top I made for Grace using Simplicity 1453.  I know it doesn't look like much hanging on the hanger.  But trust me it looks adorable on.  She paired it with her high waisted, long, dark jean shorts.  And it looks so cute.  This pattern only goes to a size 8 yet she needed a size 10.  So I sized it up.  Margot liked Grace's so much I made Margot one.  But I forgot that Margot has a really long torso and a lot of her belly sticks out where as on Grace only a couple of inches of belly sticks out.  So I am going to see if I can get some eyelet lace and attach it to the bottom and try and salvage the top.    This top is fully lined and it was so quick to sew.  I really enjoyed making both of them .  They were so quick.  A little over an hour for each one I'd say.  I used snaps on both of them.  

On to the Christening Gown.    

My oldest sister Anne loves heirloom sewing and makes her daughters not only their Christening gowns but also their special occasion dresses (like Easter, Birthday, and Christmas) using heirloom dress patterns and techniques.  It's not something that I've ever done before.  But Anne's daughter's Christening gowns are beautiful and I am feeling more confident in my sewing.   I decided to make Gummy Bear's gown.  With Anne's support of course.  Anne, by the way, will probalby be so happy when this gown is completed.  I've been asking her lots of questions about these new techniques and she's had to give lots of advice.  Even while on vacation.  Sigh.  I have to say I am really enjoying it.  

The pattern doesn't tell you the specifics.  You have to decide all of that.  Like what size lace do you want to insert in the center panel?  How many pintucks should flank the lace?  How far apart should they be spaced?  How wide should they be?  Well I am not used to that.  So Anne encouraged me to practice first.  And I am so glad I did.  This is a picture of my practice piece.  I decided to go with the smaller 1/8th inch pintucks.   It was also recommended to pull thread to get and keep the pintuck on the grain perfectly.  I love this technique.  I've always struggled with perfect pintucks but this really helps. 

This is the front of the gown.  I have inserted the Swiss Insertion lace and put in one pintuck.  That was this morning's work.  Very mentally tiring!  For now I have the cut the gown to be 36 inches long. In fact this is longer than 36 inches long right now because when you do this sort of work (lace insertion and pintucks) generally you cut out a big block of fabric first,  do all the work, then use the pattern piece to re cut out the piece precisely with everything centered.  So this block of fabric is bigger and longer by a couple of inches each way.  But generally his gown will be between 30-36 inches long.  Let me tell you that is long when you are carefully sewing lace and pintucks!  

A close up.  

So far I love it.  It's not perfect.  But pretty much nothing is right?  I am learning a lot and having fun.  And as Anne says, this is all good practice for when I make Margot's Communion Dress.   If the blog gets quiet for awhile it's because I suspect this will take me WEEKS to complete.  The front will have 6 pintucks (3 on each side).  If all goes well the the sleeves will have tucks and lace insertion and the cuffs will have entredeux and gathered lace around them.  The collar will have entredeux and gathered lace.  And the hem will have more entredeux and lace.  That's a lot of lace!    Then he will need a slip made to be worn underneath.  THAT will be easy though.  But I have to order more fabric...  Anyhow, maybe I'll update with progress pictures of this gown as it's an epic project for me!

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  1. Omigosh I love that crop top! Ordering pattern right now... :)