Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Margot's favorite color is pink.  And even though I know this and it has been true for some time, she oddly had no pink clothes.  Poor girl!  So I decided for her summer wardrobe I would buy the pinkest fabric I could find and make her a bunch of little dresses.  She loves to wear sundresses in the summer.  They are so much cooler than shorts and shirts.  So here's what I have made so far:

Oliver + S Seashore Sundress

Little Lisette Dress 
I made her a couple of these last summer and she wore them constantly.  I think it's such a comfortable dress.  This is made in a lawn I think.   So nice and cool.

 The little capri pants that are included in the pattern to wear underneath the dress.  Though we love the dress without them too.  This is made in left over chambray I used to make a top for myself awhile ago.

The Sunny Days Shorts by Oliver + S.  A free pattern.  I wanted to test the size out before I cut into my good fabric.  This was leftovers from her Seashore dress.  She's not home from school yet.  So we'll see.  

The Roller Skate Dress by Oliver + S.  This is fully lined.  So more of a Church dress than a playdress.  

You could see the elastic through the little holes in the fabric.  I had to go to Joann's and buy pink elastic and when I took out the first elastic I noticed it was more "yellow" than white.  It must have been old.  Gross.  So the pink works fine.  But I am thinking if I had actually white elastic that would have worked too.

Here's the sundresses all in a row.  

I still have a few more outfits I want to sew for her.  But I am gearing up for my next big project.  Gummy Bear's (that what we call baby) baptismal gown.  I have the pattern here and I just ordered all the lace and fabric.  Oh boy!  I am wondering and a bit worried.  Can I do it???

Here's a link to the pattern I am using.

Click here.

It's the middle one.  Wish me luck.  I think I'll need it.  


  1. All sweet, but I LOVE the eyelet dress! So pretty! And good luck on the gown - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! But I'm pretty sure you can do it :-)

  2. The dresses are all darling! Good luck with the gown...I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job.

  3. You have been busy! I made a RS in that eyelet too:) Except mine was white, and she outgrew it way too fast. Good luck on the gown!

  4. Very productive! Looking forward to updates on the baptismal gown!

  5. Good luck with the gown, I am sure you will make a great job!