Thursday, January 2, 2014

My favorites of 2013

When I look over my favorites I realize everything about these items was right for the person I sewed it for.  The fabric (weight, color, pattern), the pattern, the fit, and how it was styled all worked perfectly together to make a garment that I loved and was loved and worn by the recepient.  When looking through the items that didn't make the list I really loved most of them but there was something maybe not quite right about them.  Maybe the fabric weight wasn't quite right.  Like the Music Class Blouse I made for Margot out of quilting cotton.  It was cute and worn but it wasn't perfect.  Now the one I made Grace made my list this year.  It was made from poplin.  It was light and crisp- lovely to sew and looked so nice on. Or maybe the fabric I used was from my stash (remember I inherited a bunch of fabric a couple of years ago) and I didn't love it but was trying to use what I have.  So anyhow, in no particular order, my favorites are

I love this whole outfit but espeically the blouse and this is one pattern (the Rollerskate Dress and Tunic) that I was not wild about initially.  Boy was I wrong!  The shorts (Sailboat pants made into shorts) are made from weaver's cloth I inhertied and the blouse is made from fabric I bought second hand but I suspect is very old.  Both such lovely fabrics.  

Grace's Music Class Blouse is made from poplin.  She wore this A LOT.  She tried to wear this to Church the other day and sadly it's too small.  This is the size 12 that had been lengthened.  

This is the Lisette Continental skirt.  I LOVED this skirt.  I made the size based on my waist measuremnt which is shockingly large given my overall weight and fitness.  But it was the right thing to do as this skirt is so comfortable and I wore it again and again.  

I included this one because I am so proud of the workmanship on this one.  This is probably the hardest thing to date that I've even made.  The collar construction was hard as it had A LOT of right angles.  But the results were nearly perfect and this is worn ALL OF THE TIME!

Sewing for a fashion concscious tween is hard.  But this Ice Cream Social dress was another hit.  And I think it's because of the styling.  When we added the belt, the dress was perfect.  Although it looks cute without the belt over skinny jeans she had never worn it that way.  She wore this one over and over as well. 

I loved both of the girls' Easter Dresses this year but I've only included Margot's because I've made the Fairy Tale Dress (the one Grace is wearing) 3 times and loved each one.  I especially love Margot's Easter dress, the Pinwheel Dress, becuase I had a very distinct vision for the dress and wasn't satisfied until I added the second oragnaza flounce to the "slip" part of the dress.   I love how the organza overlay looks on this.  I am also especially proud of my workmanship on this.  I did french seams on the entire organza dress and it's beautiful inside and out.

This sweater is Sweet Peasy.  I've been wanting to make this for a long time and so glad I fianlly did.  It was a completley satisfying knit.  The color is so perfect for Margot and she wore this a lot!

I loved these After School Pants as well.  This pants pattern is one of my all time favorites.  It makes such a cute pair of pants.  These were made up in a light weight twill.  She wore them until she outgrew them and that included letting the cuff down. Why do they grow so fast?

I love this blouse.  It came out just as I wanted it to, very fitted!  This blouse proved to me I am finally figuring out how to dress to flatter my figure.  While I don't have the trimmest waist despite eating well and exercising, I do have narrow hips.  This blouse conceals my thick waist but accentuates my narrow hips giving me an overall slim appearance.  Yay!

This is probably my most favorite thing I sewed this year.  Again, I had a very strong vision for this dress and it came together perfectly.  The fabric is a bottomweight brushed sateen which I love.  The hefty weight of the fabric gives it a luxiourious feel to it.  I am finally experimenting with adding details (lace, piping, and ribbon) and it's those details that push this dress from just another cute dress to a really speical dress. 

This set was probably my most viewed item on flickr!  I thought long and hard on what fabric to use for  a tween.  Usually I have Grace select fabric herself but this one I did all on my own.  The shorts are grey and the stripes in the blouse are actually lilac and that combination is really lovely in a soft muted way.  Again, I think it's the details (the flower and polka dot piping) that make this outfit extra special.  This outfit was worn so much I had to ask Grace to wear something else once in a while!

Another Class Picnic blouse and shorts (I do love this pattern)!  I love this color combination for Margot.  It suits Margot perfectly.  It's sweet and bright and fun.  

I made this dress for myself for Lydia's bapstism.  I love it because the colors, the print, and the style suit my personality pefectly.  The fabric is rayon.  I just love rayon for it's ease in both sewing and washing.  Plus it's got lovely drape yet is very comfortable to wear and affordable to sew.  And, I got to buy a fun new pair of heels to go with this dress.  Unfortunately I have not worn this dress much only because I don't have that many occasions to dress up. 

This whole outfit makes this list.  The sweater coat (another very fun knit) and the Jumprope (view b).  Perfect, perfect, perfect!

So I have my sewing room decluttered, reorganized, and the Bernina is back from the shop all repaired and ready to go.  Now what to make?  I do seem remember January and February as "slow" sewing months.  There is nothing I need to make.  No holiday party dresses, no playclothes needed with Spring being MONTH and MONTHS away.  No new pj's are needed, they each just got a pair at Christmas.  So what's a girl to do?  Maybe sew for herself?  I do have that lovely indigo chambray waiting to be made up into a Late to Luch Tunic..


  1. So much lovely sewing Sarah.
    I agree completely with what makes something a favourite - the right fabric for the the right pattern for the right person always works, huh?

  2. I do love that white shirt on you. Such a great fit.
    I am putting the Picnic pattern high up on my list this year. Despite owning it for a few months, I have never gotten around to making it. Your versions are so sweet.

  3. Great roundup, Sarah! You made some fabulous items of clothing this year.:)

  4. An awesome sewing year Sarah, can't wait to see what 2014 brings.

  5. You have made so many lovely items! You're going to rock 2014.

  6. Lots of lovely sewing and knitting-so clever!

  7. Love your 2013 sewing/knit review!
    So many lovely pieces and, as usual, perfectly tailored for each girl - that will always be a sure bet :)