Sunday, December 15, 2013

We finally got our Christmas Tree!

Yesterday, the region experienced a small snowstorm.   In the city, it snowed, then rained, then snowed some more, and then rained some more so by the end of the day we had no snow accumulation.  
Today, we planned to get our Christmas Tree.  Last year, we found this lovely farm about 40 minutes north of the city.   On our journey to the farm today, we found the further away from the city we got, the snowier it was.  Finally we reached the Christmas Tree Farm and to our surprise, the bendy, curvy roads leading to the farm were snow and ice covered.  We don't have 4 wheel drive either!  Luckily we do have new tires on our car and little Mazda 5 made it no problem. 

It's such a pretty farm!  I think it's my dream to live on a Christmas Tree Farm.  With some Basset Hounds of course.

It was cold and windy up there.  We didn't hike far before finding our tree.  

There it is!  

Grace took this one!

Brent cuts it down!

And hauls it back.  

Good thing we got the girls snow boots yesterday!

When we arrived at the farm, I said to everybody, "let's a get a small tree this year."  Looks like that didn't happen.   This one is a big one.  It nearly touches the ceiling in the upstairs family room. 

We are letting all the ice and snow melt off the tree before we decorate.  More pictures to follow!


  1. That's so wonderful!
    We never have snow for Christmas (or ever true to be told) so a Christmas tree farm would be quite a dream come true. Can't wait to see it decorated :)

  2. Looks like a lovely trip in to the countryside to find a christmas tree.:)