Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Dresses and the Reindeer Ball

Every year for the past several years we have gone to the Reindeer Ball.  This is a lovely charity event that Brent's bank sponsers and because of that we get the tickets for free!  It's a ball designed for children and families.  There is dancing and dinner and fun things like balloon artists and crafts to do.  It's always a good time!  

This year I had already finished their Christmas dresses in time for the Reindeer Ball!  Grace is wearing the School Photo dress from Oliver + S.  I made this for her two years ago in wool and we both loved it.  This is a red tafetta and it's the size 12.  I am so glad I made it because I am sure next year she won't be able to fit into it.  For this version, I made the ruffled collar and the gathered sleeve.  I love this dress for it's timeless style.  Grace looked so nice, so appropriate for a 10 1/2 year old.  She styled her own hair.  She did a loose waterfall braid with soft curls framing her face.  

She is wearing black tights, black flats and neclace and earrings of mine.  Doesn't she look lovely? 

And on to Margot.  This is one of Oliver + S's new patterns, the Library Dress.  I love the vintage feel to this dress.  And not long after it was released I saw a version in the flickr group pool that inspired this dress.  I wanted this dress to be made out of a heavier, regal fabric with white cuffs and white cumberbund.  I knew I wanted to add the lace my dear friend Nicole gave me.  While shopping I found that lovely piece of ribbon and it wasn't until later did I come up with the black piping at the sleeves and wasit.  I am really proud of this dress.  It came out better than I could have expected.  As always it was a joy to sew. 

Related, my Bernina is in the shop.  I believe it needs a new circuit board as it won't turn on.  Two things maybe have caused this.  Either my surge protector is old and not working as well and/or plugging the iron into the surge protector cause the circuit board to be damaged.  So for the future, I will get a new surge protector and from now on I will plug the iron into the wall.  Oh, thankfully my machine's circuit board is still under warranty.  Bernina has an amazing warranty.   It was very upsetting to discover this but now that it's in the shop getting worked on I feel somewhat better.  So I had to use the Janome.  

This is the back view.   I used tiny vintage mother of pearl buttons from Brent's Grandma.  I love them!

Margot is wearing patterned tights and patent leather shoes and a pretty snowflake barette in her hair.  Perfect for a 6 year old!

All of us together.  I am waring my Colette Ginger skirt with a new sweater and black heels. 

A close up!

Me and Brent.  He is wearing the vest I made him last year.  

Photo of me and Brent by Grace.  Not bad!

Brent with his girls!

At the Reindeer Ball

My loves!

Some close up shots of the Library dress

Both red and white fabric is bottom weight sateen.  Lace from the House of Nicole.  Ribbon purchased at JoAnn's.  I wish I had a close up picture of the lace.  It's very delicate.  It looks like snowflakes in windows.  Beautiful!  Perfect touch for a Chrismtas dress.

I really want to make Margot a dress coat!  I have the time.  I just need to get the pattern.  Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Sarah, you must feel very proud.
    The dresses turned out beautifully and you and Brent make a handsome couple.
    You certainly make beautiful babies.
    xxx N

  2. These dresses are so lovely, Sarah! And I really love it that each of you wore something you made to the ball - awesome!

  3. The dresses are both so lovely Sarah. They are perfect on the girls. Love all the pics, particularly your group ones. I also love that you all wore handmade.

  4. You all look so great! Both dresses are really lovely!

  5. You have such a beautiful family, Sarah! Grace is growing into a gorgeous young lady. Her dress is perfect for a pre-teen.:) Margot's dress is so lovely...all the details from fabric choice to trim and buttons come together to make a stunning holiday dress. She's a cutie!

  6. So glad I found you! I didn't have your blog bookmarked or any contact info for you and love all your sewing inspiration :) Hope you're having a nice advent :)