Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More for Margot

 Here's another batch of sewing and knitting all for Margot!  

This is an Oliver + S Book Report dress from the left over fabric from Grace's Ice Cream Social.  I've been having a lot of leftover fabric lately.  So either I'm not reading the yardage requirements right or they are completely wrong.  Either way this dress cost nothing to make!

Another Book Report dress for Margot out of the leftover fabric from the outfits I made my nieces.  We are planning on wearing these outfits all on Thanksvigivng.   This dress still needs buttons.  

These are the two outfits I made for Naomi and Lydia.  I used the After School Pants and Shirt pattern. I adore the pants.  With ruffles on the pockets how could you not?  The shirts, while not my favorite, are short and show off the ruffles.  Plus the short length is perfect for an active toddler and a 5 year old in a wheelchair where longer tunics get in the way.   

This is a sweet and simple pattern, Simplicity 2049, that Mom bought me awhile ago.  I never sewed it up but kept meaning to.  I started and finsihed this dress in an evening.  The only change I made to the pattern was to install an invisible zipper only because I had a red on one hand.  

2 pair of leggings from the Oliver + S Playtime pattern.  Margot hates tights so I wanted to make a pair of leggings that look like tights.  So I chose ribbing.  It didn't quite work out the way I expected but they are thick an warm and can be worn under her casual dresses.  They are looser than what I thought they would be and sort of look like jeggings. 

I finally finished Margot's sweater.  This is Grannys Favorite by Geogie Hallam.  I love Georgie's patterns.  They always knit up so nicely.  I had no trouble knitting this.  I chose to make the longer version with long sleeves.  

Close up of the bodice.  Buttons on old buttons Brent's Mom and Grandma saved over the years and I inherited.  Blue and red are my favorite colors for Margot.  I hope she gets a lot of wear out of this one.  

Close up of the sleeve detail. 


  1. The sweater is gorgeous, Sarah! I love all of your recent sewing.:)

  2. You've been so productive Sarah - looking forward to seeing a pic of Margot with her cousins in their coordinated outfits :-)

  3. They're all darling, but wow that sweater is gorgeous! Great job on the knitting!

  4. Gorgeous clothes Sarah and that cardy is one of my favourite patterns. I wish I could knit.
    xx N

  5. Gorgeous set!
    I do love them all (specially the 1st Book Report dress - love the color and the fit on her) but I can't take my eyes off that wool sweater - I wish I could knit. It's so gorgeous!!