Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Music class blouses for my girls

 Is there anything more special than making a blouse for someone?  It's perhaps one of my most favorite things to sew for someone.  I love making blouses for the girls and shirts for Brent.  I love all the details in these projects.  The collar, the plackets, the cuffs.  I love being able to make it fit perfectly.

This is Grace's shirt made from Lisette poplin.  I love poplin.  I've only recently discovered it.  It's really a wonderful fabric for making blouses or shirts.  It's so lightweight and soft but crisp.  This blouse is a size 12 with at least 4 inches added to the length.  Grace is a tall girl with a long torso.  She also prefers blouses and shirts to be on the longer side.  She hates if she belly is exposed when she raises her hands over head.  Since I sew for her, I can accommodate those preferences.  I also think this blouse pattern runs small in every way- through the shoulders and lengthwise.  At least on my girls.

For this blouse, I chose to make the pintucks and the rounded collar.  There are 12 pintucks in all and I enjoyed making them.  

This was the 2nd blouse I made in this batch.  I struggled mightily with the plackets and cuffs on Margot's but with Grace's I did a much better job.  Which was a relief.  The plackets are tiny, tiny, tiny.  

Here is Margot's blouse.  I made hers in a size 6.  The fit is good everywhere except it's a little long in the sleeve length.  This blouse is made in a quilting cotton.  It's amazing the difference between the quilting cotton and poplin.  The quilting cotton is so much thicker and heavier.  It makes a nice warm blouse.  

For this blouse, I chose to do gathering instead of pintucks. I thought the pintucks would get lost in this fabric.  

Okay, so these plackets were so hard.  I think because of how tiny they were.  The pattern warns you that this is a tricky part but somehow that warning didn't help.  I tried to get a close up of the placket.  You can see the strain of the fabric at the point of the placket. I had to try a couple of times and between the placket being so tiny and the seam being so narrow, the fabric is a bit distressed at this point.  Now the cuffs, I can't explain what happened and why I struggled with them.  For both shirts, I put the cuffs on backwards so that the buttonhole markings were on the inside not outside.  No big deal.  But apparently I wasn't reading carefully.  Anyhow, both blouses are awaiting buttonholes and I am waiting to pick my machine up to do the buttonholes. I'll get it Saturday. 

Foolishly, I attempted buttonholes on the Janome which was also acting up. I got it to make buttonholes everywhere except the top on on the bodice of the blouse and by the cuffs.  Apparently the Janome doesn't want to make buttonholes over or near any seams.  So long story short and after many tries, I had to unpick many buttonholes and nearly ruined the blouse.  But hopefully I will have better luck with the Bernina.

Anyhow, it's got me thinking, I've never made myself a proper blouse.  I've made myself a shirt dress.  But not a proper blouse.  I think it's about time. 



  1. Yes, very pretty! The different fabrics give two very different looks, don't they?
    Do you have a pattern in mind for yourself?

  2. Beautiful shirts, Sarah!
    I love both fabrics (the lisette print is very beautiful), but I also prefer to sew shirts with apparel fabric (poplin, chambray and tana law are perfect) as it gives them a better drape and they wear very well.
    The Music Class blouse is one of my favorites (it does runs a bit short but it's definitely my first choice for perfect blouses), but as the school asks for sweats and t-shirts instead of blouses (easier for toddlers I suppose) I haven't got the chance to sew much of it lately :-)

  3. Both blouses are lovely, Sarah! I love the one you did for Grace in the Lisette poplin.:)


  4. Those are beautiful! You did a great job. Isn't it great to be able to sew custom items of clothing tailored to the preferences of the wearer?

  5. So very pretty Sarah and I found this pattern to be slim fitting too on my girls.

  6. Love the fabrics and the shirts and that you can make them just like your girls like. :) You should make a shirt for yourself. :)

  7. Cute floral blouses, I like, thanks for sharing.